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Raw Denim Gift Guide

For the Jean Nerd in your life (and for anyone in my life who is paying attention…take notes people.)

The season of glorious consumerism is upon us and there’s probably an internet pants person in your life you have to buy a gift because you like them. Or because you drew their name in some sort of office White Elephant situation.

Lucky you, here is a guide for every jean loving nerd in your life. Real talk though, this is just a bunch of stuff I want, but raw denim folks tend to like a lot of the same stuff so it’s really a half a dozen six of the other situation.

Rosser Riddle Muscle Shoals Tee

Rosser Riddle blew up a few years ago selling a bright red crewneck with Otis Redding! across the front. That sweatshirt isn’t in stock anymore, but your denim nerd can let everyone know that they probably downloaded a Stax collection at some point and it looks comfortable af.

The Old Try Print

Letterpress prints are awesome, and the Old Try makes good ones. Buy one of these for your denim nerd, throw it in a frame, toss it up on that gallery wall.

Custom Jeans

This one is kind of a no-brainer, if you’ve got the dollars. Custom jeans don’t come cheap, but when you think about it, it’s not all that much more than a pair of nice Japanese jeans.

If your denim nerd is into heritage, bench made, Americana, you kinda have to go with WH Ranch. These jeans are meticulously made by one person. You’re not gonna have them for the holidays if you order now so throw a receipt into a tie box, put that inside a small Amazon box inside that other Amazon box you’ve got laying about inside another one and so on. Giving a good gift should also torture the recipient the tiniest bit. In a hurry? WH has a ready to wear collection too.


Want something a little more fancy pants with customization options? The good folks at Blue Delta Jeans can hook you up. Blue Delta has denim’ed up pro athletes and celebrities and country music stars from their outpost in Oxford Mississippi. Don’t live in Oxford? Don’t worry, they got you. Blue Delta is a true bespoke experience with tons of fabric and customization.

Take Ivy

take ivy

If the denim nerd in your life doesn’t already own Take Ivy, you are going to wow the shit out of them by getting it for them. Trust me, they want it. This 1965 book chronicles Ivy League style at mid-century, looks we’ve come around full circle to (let’s be honest, did we ever really leave them? That horrid period of JNCO’s and visors circa 1990ish to early aughties notwithstanding.)

BeardBrand Spiced Citrus Beard Oil

beard oil jean nerd

There’s like an 80% chance your jean nerd has a beard or mustache that started off as ironic or a Movember stache they still haven’t shaved. They probably need some beard oil. Beard oil is beard oil is beard oil, it’s all pretty much the same but this stuff smells the best of all of them. I’m not fully convinced it would be a bad move to eat it. It probably is, but it smells so good. What’s the worst that could happen?

Some Palo Santo Sticks

palo santo

It’s cheap, they can burn it, it smells amazing. It may or may not cleanse their chakras or some such other hippie nonsense too. Mostly it smells really good.

That’s it for this first round of Raw Denim Nerd Gift guide. There’s something here for everyone from “I like you” to “I know you like jeans. I know nothing else.”